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Catch Up

I got very little work done this weekend (so far). Sarah came up Friday, we tried, but I washed out after discovering I didn't have the story I wanted to work with on my laptop or thumb drive. Andrew emailed it to me, but I had to pull it from Sarah's laptop becuase Denny's wifi hated me, and then we discovered the hard way that Sarah's laptop had a virus. Thank you, AVG. Good catch. So my laptop was safe, but my usb drive was infected and of course I hadn't been updating files on my laptop the last couple of weeks. *sigh* I felt defeated and gave up. Saturday went better, but still didn't get much written. I've changed my stories that are going in and so the collection is going to be shorter, but I think more cohesive. I hope. I do need to get cracking on my introduction. My plan is to have the stories done this week, and finish the intro over Spring Break and talk to my chair about defending as late in April as she'll let me get away with so I can have as much editing as possible done before hand. All of this is slightly terrifying, and I keep finding things to do that aren't writing. Last night I made Hero a tutu. It only took a couple of hours, and I'm hoping to find time to make two more for her cousins so we have three little same age girls in tutus at Easter. Even though they're so close in age, the girls are so different. Hero is inquisitive with no fear. Sophia is little miss go go go. Lina is really laid back. It's great to see them all together. It will be adorable if Hero will cooperate. But that's always sort of up to chance.
Beyond all of that, Andrew will be going up to visit MSU and Purdue over spring break. I think Hero and I may just go stay with Mom and Dad, rather than trying to wrangle her myself here. He's also applying for a job in New Jersey. We're both applying for jobs in Portland. (Another thing I need to sit down and do...) One way or another we will be out of Texas in the fall. Unless everything just goes all to hell. Even then, maybe we'll move to Hawaii with my parents when they go, if we have no other options. Dad has been looking at job listings with University of Hawaii. Not because he wants to start working again, but just to see what's there. Hopefully, though, everything will work out with Purdue.
Okay, time to write. I'm shooting for at least a thousand words.