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Okay, so Hero has been able to recognize letters for quite some time now. I think she was getting really good at them back around October. So we've been working with spelling her name. Tonight, she was coloring and Andrew grabbed a crayon and said, "Hey, let's write your name. How do we spell Hero?" She ignored him and kept coloring, but he said, "Let's start with an H. Can you draw and H?" She can't, but she pushed at his hand and said, "E". So he wrote an E and asked what came next. She said "R", and he wrote an R, and asked what was next, and she said "O!" Of coure, she ignored us when we asked what that spelled. But it's a start! She knows those letters go together, just not so much on the why they go together.
When I was putting her to bed she kept asking for one more song. When I ran out of songs, she started crying and threw herself at me. When I sat back down, she grinned and snuggled up to me. This happened about four times. Finally, I laid down with her, and told her the story of the girl who cried wolf. She fell asleep before the girl got eaten by the wolf. Sometimes, my daughter is rotten. But sometimes she's pretty good. We got these new Crayolas that claim to be washable. And lo and behold they are. If you get to them fast enough, you don't even need soap to clean up the mess, just water. And of course she drew on the floor tonight, since Andrew just mopped. But I grabbed a Method wipe, and was two seconds into cleaning it before I called her over and asked her to help me. She took the wipe and actually did a pretty good job of cleaning up her mess. I had a wicked mom feeling moment standing over her while she was on her hands and knees wiping at the floor, but I got over it. So while I wish she wouldn't make the mess in the first place, at least she's finally to the point of helping clean it up.